VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT SET: teak heart dish + mala bracelet + rose essential oil

$48.00 $76.00

this special Valentine's Day gift box set includes our beloved sandalwood + howlite mala bead bracelet--they can be worn as a bracelet, placed on your altar at home, on your nightstand, in your car, at your desk or anywhere you spend a lot of time, our hand-carved teak wood catch all heart dish, and our lovely rose essential oil, all wrapped with so much love in a traditional Balinese ceremony box. 

Howlite: reduces anxiety, tension & stress, promotes serenity, brings feelings of peace & happiness, helps eliminate negative energy.

Sandalwood: invokes tranquility & inner peace, awakens the divine, promotes profound relaxation, increases spiritual energy.


  • materials used for mala bracelet: howlite, sandalwood, 100% cotton
  • one size fits most
  • ROSE essential oil is 5ml
  • 5" teak wood heart 
  • due to handmade nature of our pieces, slight variations may occur

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