VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT SET: heart teak dish + earrings

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this pretty Valentine's Day gift set is the perfect gift to brighten someone's day! we're spending more time at home, and there aren't many reasons to dress up, but that doesn't mean you can't make things fun!  we've included our beloved hand-carved teak dish, and paired it with the tassel earrings of your choice. the earrings are light, easy to wear, and add the perfect flair to any outfit... even if you're only staying at home or hanging in the living room! everything is beautifully wrapped in our traditional Balinese ceremony box. 


  • materials used for heart dish: sustainably-sourced teak wood
  • heart dish 5"
  • materials used earrings: cotton, brass
  • approx: 2" earrings
  • due to handmade nature, slight variations may occur 

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