juju hat macrame feather mirror


there are many indigenous tribes living in the Indonesian archipelago--and the tribal influence is very evident in many of our pieces. the juju hat originates in Cameroon--where they were worn as headdresses by royalty as a symbol of wealth. in previous generations, they were traditionally used during ceremonies, but newer renditions of them are now made and used as wall decor pieces. 

our Balinese artisan partners have paid homage to the traditional juju hat by recreating it--they make these feathered mirrors by first hand-knotting a macramé trim, and then hand-stitching chicken feathers all around it. this sizable mirror looks great on an empty wall space, or can be layered with other juju hats, mirrors, or wall hangings. it is a beautiful statement piece to proudly display in your home--as all our pieces are ethically-sourced, and anti-cruelty. 



  • materials used: chicken feathers, cotton, glass mirror
  • approx. dimensions of mirror 15"; overall diameter 30"
  • ready to hang
  • due to handmade nature of this piece slight variations may occur


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