2021 DREAMERS box

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this is a strange time we are living in, and many of us are feeling disconnected from our loved ones, and sometimes even from ourselves. we've put together a few of our favorite gifts into "CARE-an-tine" packs that you can purchase for yourself or send to a loved one. you're welcome to personalize your gift with a short note that we'll hand-write on your behalf. 

this care pack includes 1 mini dreamcatcher, 1 abalone + sage smudge kit, and 1 mala bead bracelet of your choosing. it's a very thoughtful gift to spread positivity and encouragement. we recommend taking a few minutes to read through our mala bead guide to aid you in choosing the right one. 

Howlitereduces anxiety, tension & stress, promotes serenity, brings feelings of peace & happiness, helps eliminate negative energy.

Lava Stonebrings sense of calm, relieves anxiety, provides strength & courage, grounding, strengthens one connection to the earth.

Sandalwoodinvokes tranquility & inner peace, awakens the divine, promotes profound relaxation, increases spiritual energy.

Tiger Eyepromotes harmony, helps one stay calm & focused, relieves anxiety & fear, inspires self-confidence & courage.

Woodhelps create balance, calms scattered energies, offers stability, encourages new goals & life paths, increases awareness.


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