hand-carved resin buffalo skull

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many families living in rural parts of Indonesia own water buffaloes, as they are a source of transportation and help with plowing the lands. water buffalo are highly regarded in much of Southeast Asia--families view them as noble, gentle, and hardworking. 

our hand-carved buffalo skulls are symbolic of the great significance they have in Indonesian culture. they are a beautiful addition to any room. each one is cast using resin, and has an intricately carved motif--each design is a unique representation of traditional Balinese artwork. the skulls can be placed on their stand, or hung on a wall and are available in two sizes, and a few colors. 

important to note: each buffalo skull has a unique motif, and may have a different design than the photo. 


  • includes stand
  • materials used: skull is made of resin, stand is made of iron
  • mini skull: approx. 7" wide at horn, skull 2.25" at widest, 5" long
  • small skull: approx. 9.5" at horn, skull 4.5" at widest, 8" long
  • ready to hang, or can be placed on stand
  • due to the handmade nature of these items, there may be slight and unique variations

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